FLARManager for flare/NFT

i first announced this at FITC Toronto a few weeks ago, but was waiting to tie up some loose ends before i announced it here.

the newest version of FLARManager, which will be released shortly, abstracts the marker-tracking library out from the marker management framework (FLARManager’s core).

what does this mean?

in short, it means that FLARManager can now easily be updated to support any flash-based marker-tracking library. FLARToolkit (currently at v2.5.3) is the most obvious player, and FLARManager continues to support FLARToolkit. additionally, the newest version FLARManager will support flare*tracker and flare*NFT.

what are flare*tracker and flare*NFT?

flare*tracker is a marker tracking engine much like FLARToolkit, and applies many of the same concepts. however, it is written completely from scratch in Alchemy, so it can achieve framerates up to 45+ fps. also, it supports six different marker types, including BCH ID-markers (with marker id encoded directly into the marker pattern, so no need to load pattern files and no speed penalty for many different patterns) and Data Matrix markers (with a url encoded into the marker pattern).

flare*NFT is a ‘natural feature tracking’ engine, which means that it can track any printed image. not just square markers with black borders. any 2D image, from a magazine cover to a product box to a photograph, can be tracked. and since flare*NFT is also based on ARToolkitPlus, and written in Alchemy, it also shows great performance, generally around 30+ fps.

check out the following videos to see the difference between the three engines. and stay tuned for the release…

FLARManager – FLARToolkit 2.5.2. the FLARManager we all know and love.

FLARManager – flare. note the ID-marker, and framerates averaging in the 35-40fps range.

FLARManager – flareNFT. natural feature tracking made easy. blur? occlusion? glare? no problem.

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  1. SDaniel says:

    Great news!!
    Thank you so much Eric!
    When you release the new version, I will be the first in donate some money for your project!

  2. kul says:

    Thats wht exactly i was expecting.
    Good job dude. Thinking to post some tuts so that we can
    get started with it?

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  4. Mary Hollis says:

    What about face detection and tracking? Do the FLARE and FLARmanager toolkits support this as well?

  5. ericsoco says:

    @mary — no, this version has nothing to do with face tracking, sorry.

  6. trent says:

    Awesome, can’t wait to play with the new version. Any chance the new version is fixed for exporting from the flash ide?

  7. Leo says:

    Ii’m waiting this version of [Flaremanager Net]
    I’m Loading …


  8. PDub says:

    OK, I love the performance you’re getting; how did you get it? What settings were you using for detection – or perhaps it’s the webcam. I’m constantly losing markers.

  9. ericsoco says:

    @pdub — note the second and third videos are using a tracker that runs faster than FLARToolkit. if you’re referring to the performance in the first (FLARToolkit) video, my suggestion based on your comments elsewhere on my blog is that you reduce your pattern resolution to 16 at max, preferably 8. 64 is quite high and will execute pattern matching 64 times slower than a pattern at resolution 8 (64*64 = 64 * (8*8)).

  10. isaac says:

    hello eric

    i think your video show that the effect is so smooth, but mine is always lag….only 3~5 fps
    and i change the pattern resolution to 8 but not help, how can i do for this situation?

  11. Just wanted to say thanks for FLARManager!

    flare*nft looks great! Can’t wait to start playing with it.

  12. tof says:

    @isaac it depends on your model too. if your model is more complex, the performance will be drop.

    @eric how long does next version of Flarmanager that working with flare/NFT coming ?

  13. ericsoco says:

    @tof — sorry it’s taking so long…all sorts of back and forth still happening. asap!

  14. tof says:

    @eric I’m looking forward. Thanks for your effort.

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  16. Mikko says:

    Now this is getting interesting Eric… Good job.

    FlarManager is quite useful since there are more AR Libraries for Flash now. (have issues with one library switch to another using FlarManager easily)

    I didn’t know about this new Library. It looks siick. And the performance is hot.

    Things definately should get more interesting at Max this year with better 3d coming along for Flash.

  17. Neil says:

    This is good stuff Eric, really looking forward to the new release.

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  19. Vito says:

    Does anyone know of a way to limit the camera field of view to have a marker read only from a certain area of its (the camera’s) “vision”?

    Thanks in advance!

  20. ericsoco says:

    @vito — just ignore anything with an x or y value outside of your desired bounds.

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