FLARManager: control jitter with activityThreshold

After learning today about a very clever trick by Deepanjan Das, I decided to implement it in FLARManager.

The trick, in short:
only send the camera source to FLARToolkit while there is noticeable motion.
The result:
less jitter when the marker is held still in front of the camera.

To implement in FLARManager:
Download the latest from svn, particularly FLARManager.as, FLARConfigLoader.as, and FLARCameraSource.as. the changes will automatically take effect.

To tweak the value, set activityThreshold within the <flarSourceSettings> element in flarConfig.xml. Set higher to further reduce jitter in stationary markers, and set lower to allow more freedom of motion with stationary markers.


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  1. Deepanjan says:

    Thanks Eric for the acknowledgement :)

    Warm Regards
    Deepanjan Das

  2. WARlock says:

    Love your work and this will help a great deal so thanks to you and Deepanjan.

    However, the changes do not update from SVN with something I dfo not understand between trunk and deploy as the active stable version and the xml is not updated to contain the needed setting. Am I wrong (as the newb I am) and this needs to be entered by me and what is a good preliminary setting?

  3. ericsoco says:

    @WARlock, you don’t need to make any changes to flarConfig.xml; as I mention in this post, the jitter suppression is enabled by default.

  4. pierre says:

    Thanks Eric!

    I have a question about the activityThreshold.

    1.How to set activityThreshold within the activityThreshold?

    like this?


    Sorry for the stupid questions, I am a newbie:-)
    the xml tag can’t display:-(

  5. ericsoco says:

    @pierre — that’s the right idea. but instead of “higher”, use a number. take a look at the ASDoc-style comment in FLARCameraSource.activityThreshold for the default value, the valid range, and tips on usage.

  6. Carlos says:

    Hi Eric, you can say where i can find FLARConfigLoader.as.


  7. Dan043 says:

    Hi Eric!

    About threshold… what happened with thresholdSourceDisplay?

  8. ericsoco says:

    @dan043 — it’s moved into FLARToolkitManager. you can still set it up in flarConfig.xml, same as pre-v1.0.

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