FLARManager v1.0.3 – Augmented Reality in Flash

So, I have to apologize for the CLibInit errors people have been running into when trying to compile the latest version. I left a reference to FlareTracker in FLARManagerProfiler.as when testing, and did not notice this caused Flash Builder to attempt to compile FlareTracker.as even though the default application is FLARManagerExampleLauncher.as.

This minor release, v1.0.3, fixes that problem. There’s not much else new here, except a couple minor bug fixes. As always, you can download via SVN or via the download link on the FLARManager page. You no longer have to get the flare* libraries to compile FLARManager; hope this helps all of you who’ve been struggling with CLibInit.



  1. André Costa says:


    I’ve been working with the FLARManager, and great job indeed. I checked some works with it, and it sounds amazing, so I decided to lunch my self to this lib.

    But, I’m getting on error when I assign my camera to the FLARCamera3D, but only when I get the cameraParams from flarConfing.xml.

    the line is:
    camera = new FLARCamera3D(fm.cameraParams);

    and the error is:
    1119: Access of possibly undefined property cameraParams through a reference with static type com.transmote.flar:FLARManager.

    do you know what can it be? (I’m using FLARManager V1.0.3 , hope I’m posting on the right place)

    Best regards,

  2. ericsoco says:

    @andré — where is this line of code? i don’t see it anywhere in the FLARManager distro. cameraParams was deprecated a while back.

  3. André Costa says:

    private function init3D(e:Event):void
    scene = new Scene3D();
    camera = new FLARCamera3D(fm.cameraParams);

    in the “flarConfig.xml” the cameraParams file it’s set-up to the “FLARCameraParams.dat”

    and when I try to pick up that parameteres, I get that error. (I was following a tutorial from gotoandlearn)

    But, if it was deprecated what’s the best possibility now?


  4. alexis says:

    I try to run V1.0.3 with CS4 or FlashDev. I have no error (after readinf all posts ;) )but a white screen when builbing application.
    Any suggestion ?

    thanks a lot for your work

  5. ericsoco says:

    @alexis — you probably have files in the wrong place. i’ve answered this question many times before, look thru comments to find answers. i should build a FAQ some day…

  6. André Costa says:


    I’ve been entertaining my self with flarmanager, and I’m trying to rotate a DAE model, acording to a 2nd marker. Is there any example that can help on this?
    by the way, my DAE model isn’t getting any texture(any idea on what’s wrong?)


  7. Andres says:

    I got the latest version from SVN and Download link, but I still get the ClibInit error, do I need to place something else to my global AS folder? Thanks

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