FLARManager v1.1 – Augmented Reality in Flash

Hello again. For your augmenting pleasure, here’s the first major-ish update since v1.0.

As Papervision is pretty much a dead project, I’ve been asked increasingly often to update the parts of FLARManager that use other frameworks. That’s the major focus of this release, but there are some other changes too.

FLARManager v1.1 can now stabilize tracking based on the user scenario you’re targeting. FLARManager.markerMode and FLARManager.patternMode allow more control over the amount of markers and patterns your application will track, and FLARCameraSource.activityThreshold is better integrated into FLARManager’s core to allow performance gains for stationary markers.

Of course, all of this is reflected in updated ASDoc-style documentation, and is documented here as well. And if you don’t want to take the time to understand what I’m talking about, just roll with the defaults and everything will be peachy.

As usual, you can get it via svn/download. Instructions here.

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Also, in case you missed the news — ARToolworks is now hosting a FLARManager forum here. Please post support questions there for better tracking and archival. And in other communication news, I’m now on the twitters…look out for quickies about FLARManager, Flash, and all good things tech and design.

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what’s new

[corrected support for non-4:3 aspect ratios for all frameworks]
Previous to v1.1, FLARManager did not correctly support non-4:3 aspect ratios for any framework except Papervision. This is now corrected for all frameworks supported by FLARManager — go 16:9, 1:2, whatever floats your boat. The only exception — native Flash 3D still has a bit of trouble with some non-4:3 aspect ratios.

Note, this required a change to NyARParam.as, in the FLARToolkit source. It is included in the FLARManager download and SVN, though, so no need to think twice about it.

[support for Alternativa3D v7]
As always, Makc the Great comes to the rescue, this time with support for the flash-native, free version (v7, demo version) of Alternativa3D.

[finer control over markers and patterns]
This one’s a bit complex, but I’m hoping it allows for better performance and control, by allowing developers to tailor their FLARManager app to the intended user experience. The basic idea is that you can specify whether you want to track multiple markers per pattern or just one per pattern, and whether to differentiate between patterns or not. this allows, for example:

  • true single-marker mode, by setting both markerMode and patternMode to SINGLE;
  • true multi-marker mode, which is how FLARManager used to function, by setting both to MULTI;
  • a new default mode for FLARManager, which is markerMode=SINGLE and patternMode=MULTI.

The new default mode should help somewhat with flickering, by avoiding any distance calculation errors that could cause FLARManager to incorrectly think a marker was removed. Check the docs page for more detailed info.

[examples moved to Away3D]
As mentioned above, Papervision3D no longer seems to be a favored option for 3D development in Flash Player, so I’ve ported all examples that used it to Away3D. However, I added an Away3D Collada example instead of replacing the PV3D version, as my knowledge of using Collada in Away3D is incomplete. Any suggestions for improving the Away3D example (specifically around loading the collada files at runtime rather than embedding) are most welcome.

[better integration of activityThreshold]
A previous sub-release introduced FLARCameraSource.activityThreshold, but it was a quick implementation of the idea. Now, FLARManager does not run the tracking engine unless the source has changed more than activityThreshold, allowing much better performance for stationary markers.


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  2. jmmv says:

    Awesome, many thanks :-) I’ll try it out the next few days.

    What would be awesomely great, is the ability to change the pattern on runtime (as already asked and answered by you on http://groups.google.com/group/flartoolkit-userz/browse_thread/thread/bfd686dea908015c ).

  3. jmmv says:

    I have a problem with building the away3dlite example.

    If I change in the config file mirrorDisplay=”false” and make it jur “run”, the video is not mirrored (as expected).
    As soon as I do an “export release build”, it mirrored!!…

    very confusing, not sure where I am doing wrong…

  4. Fathah Noor says:

    I hope FLARManager would support the use of IN2AR SDK (http://www.in2ar.com/) in the next versions.
    Thx a lot!

  5. ericsoco says:

    @fathah — that would be great. unfortunately, FLARManager is not high on my priority list right now. perhaps you and/or others can build in that support? FLARManager is open source, after all! please do let me know if you have any luck with that.

  6. Ganesh says:

    can u mail me vid.swc please ..

  7. gib says:

    how i can get v0.6?

  8. ericsoco says:

    will get you most versions. so for 0.6, look here.

  9. gib says:

    thank you very much

  10. Joe says:

    Does anyone know of a FLARManager 1.1 tutorial? I’ve tried Lee Brimelow’s tutorial (based off of 0.6) and a tutorial on YouTube, but that’s on FLARToolKit and I still cannot get this thing to work in FlashBuilder 4.

    And when I say tutorial, I mean FLARManager for Dummies.

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