Nest 0.2 – Scenegraph and Event Model for Processing/Java

I’ve been working on some more complex processing/java projects at work lately, and found myself missing some of the niceties of AS3, like add/removeChild(), setting .x or .scaleY or .rotationZ, adding event handlers, etc.

So, I started to write a framework to provide some of those things. Now, it’s all documented and pretty and waiting for you:

Nest provides a high-level, simple scenegraph for Processing, loosely following the API for the scenegraph and display list implemented by ActionScript 3.

Nest is targeted toward Processing developers familiar with AS3, who wish to organize on-screen objects in a display list hierarchy. As with the AS3 display list, Nest establishes parent-child relationships, applies parent transformations to children, and allows easy manipulation of on-screen objects through member variables such as x, y, rotation, and scale.

Nest also includes an event-based communication system, built on the Observer pattern as implemented by Java’s Observer interface. It loosely follows elements of the AS3 / DOM Event Model.

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