What is this?
transmote speaks is a place for me to deposit bits and pieces about my personal artwork and programming projects. i have a portfolio site, transmote.com (with a new version eternally on the way…maybe by summer 2009?), on which i go into detail about the art, design, code, and other professional work i do.

transmote speaks complements transmote.com as a place for updates about my work, notes about development and design, and generally anything of currency that i want to share.


Who am I?
Here’s my formal bio:

An architectural background and a new media foreground work together to shape Eric Socolofsky’s body of work.  Since receiving his Master’s degree at NYU-ITP, Eric has experimented with a variety of work, including web, game, and user interface design and programming, interactive and generative screen-based art, and interactive spatial installations.  Following a fellowship in Eyebeam‘s Moving Image department, Eric designed and built the comic generation tool Quickcomic.com, developed educational games with New York City-based GameLab, and taught at New York University and Pratt University.  He is now a new media exhibit developer at San Francisco’s Exploratorium.


Thoughts? Questions? Suggestions?
comments are almost always better than emails. chances are, whatever you have to say is relevant to more than just you and me, and others can benefit from discussion in public.

if you want to email me, hit me at eric at transmote dot com.