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Press for the new Exploratorium

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Wow, been a while since I posted. I guess I’ve been busy, opening a new museum!
Proof lies in these articles (just a few among many in the press onslaught accompanying our reopening), which highlight much of the work I’ve done in the past couple of years:

New York Times: In New Home, Exploratorium Widens Its Interactive Appeal
San Francisco Magazine: The Wonder Piers
Fast Company: The $300 Million Dollar Science Museum of the Future
Nature: A science giant moves house 10 must-see at San Francisco’s new Exploratorium

The majority of my recent work has been for the Exploratorium’s Bay Area Observatory, a space in a two-story glass box at the end of Piers 15/17 with a stunning view of both the city and the Bay. We’re encouraging visitors to be more careful, conscientious observers of the built and natural landscape around us, with a series of exhibits that take advantage of and augment the beautiful views.

My work as exhibit designer/developer (formally, as Senior New Media Exhibit Developer) brought forth five new exhibits:

Visualizing the Bay: a topographical model of the Bay Area onto which is projected a number of different visualizations representing physical and social phenomena in the Bay Area, including fog, earthquakes, census data, and salinity;
Tidal Ribbon: a laser-cut sculpture depicting a year of tidal data from the NOAA station at Crissy Field;
Ship Tracker: a screen-based interactive showing tracks of ships as they move through the Bay, based on publicly-available AIS data;
Picturing Place: a screen-based interactive allowing semantic (tag-based) search of photos taken in the area, collected from Flickr and Instagram;
Drawing the Bay: a drawing exercise that challenges visitors to draw the Bay from memory, highlighting various biases and idiosyncrasies in their perceptions of the area.

I also led the interaction design for Plankton Populations in the East Gallery, a large table on which is displayed a map of the world’s oceans, and wood+glass lenses through which visitors can examine the different kinds of microscopic life living within.

Documentation of all these works is forthcoming. Stay tuned!


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Recently, I’ve had a couple of opportunities to share with the public the exhibit development process at the Exploratorium, with a focus on iteration and evaluation (aka user testing).

The first: an article I wrote called ‘Iterating for Visitors’ on

The second: I’m speaking on the same topic, with a slightly different perspective, to an IxDA SF gathering this Wednesday, October 24.

In case you ever wondered how our exhibits come to be…

‘flip’ on the Great Wall

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the Great Wall of Oakland has graciously offered to display another of my works next month. here’s a sneak preview:

as usual, we’ll kick off some time after dark (7ish), and cycle through a number of pieces. we’ll be on til around 10.

hope to see you there!

pecha kucha, 2011.01.11

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hello, dear readers.

i’ll be pontificatin’ on the wonders of ‘casual creation’ at this month’s Pecha Kucha.

what’s pecha kucha? it’s this thing where people talk at you, but it’s not as boring as most, because a) each speaker has only 20 slides, with only 20 seconds per slide. 6:40. that’s it. and b) it’s at a club with a full bar!

the theme for the month: “ONE”. expect a special surprise, in the form of a glimpse into my personal politics as a developer/creator, to address said theme.

333 ritch
doors @ 7pm
presentations start @ 8:20
$5 requested donation

more info here.

elastotron: visage @ YBCA/TVOT weds mar 3

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i’ll be showing a new version of Elastotron this wednesday, from 6-7pm (shortest. opening. ever.) at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, in the Forum, as part of the TV of Tomorrow Show, an interactive TV conference.

FLARManager @ FITC Toronto 2010

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i’ll be speaking on the topics of FLARManager, FLARToolkit, AR for the web in general, maintaining an open-source project, and marker-based interfaces. or some combination of the above.

FLARManager: AR and Alternative Controllers

i’m also participating in a panel on “inspiration”, along with Brendan Dawes, Tali Kraokowski, and Craig Swann. pretty noble topic…!

Source + Imagination

Super Early Bird pricing is now available — get em while they’re hot!

see you in toronto…

Sputnik Observatory

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Jonathan Harris, creator of We Feel Fine and the lovely I Want You To Want Me (shown in MoMA’s Design and the Elastic Mind show last year) sent out an invitation today to his latest piece, the Sputnik Observatory for the Study of Contemporary Culture.

The Sputnik Observatory collects video interviews of many leading thinkers on a broad range of topics, and enables viewers to follow a stream-of-consciouness path through the themes that link the conversations together.
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elastotron, evolved

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elastotron, evolved

i’m showing a new version of elastotron at pecha kucha tonight, and then all summer as part of the exploratorium’s “reflections” show, from 19 june through 20 september.

we’re having a small opening friday night from 5:30-8:30pm. let me know if you want to come by, as the doors are not open to the public.

see you there!

ps, here’s the full description:

We’d like to invite you to spend some time at a new exhibition: Reflections, opening in the Seeing area one week from today. This special summer collection combines new and reimagined exhibits, art installations, and programs and special events. But more than a simple celebration of mirrors, Reflections was designed to present a range of perspectives on that most familiar and yet most provocative of images: our own visages—abstracted, distorted, fragmented, and multiplied. In addition to highlighting the science of bouncing beams of light, Reflections is about identity, expectation, technology, and our complex relationship with ourselves.

Reflections includes new takes on classic Exploratorium exhibits, but the project team has also created several unique and powerful experiences especially for this exhibition. In addition, the Seeing Gallery will house a set of intriguing interactive works from visiting artist Daniel Rozin. These experiences will be complemented by a series of programs and events exploring mirrors, optics, and the ephemeral nature of light. To learn more about the exhibition, visit

san flashcisco 09.04.16

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notes from my talk, “computer vision with flash”, at the San Flashcisco user group meeting.

no slides, as this presentation is mainly demo- and code- focused, but plenty of links and text.

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elastotron @ great wall of oakland: friday, april 3rd

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elastotron portraits

elastotron will be shown LARGE at the Great Wall Of Oakland on friday, april 3rd, 2009.
please stop by, and join me after at Luka’s Taproom!

the Great Wall is an accompaniment to the monthly Art Murmur in oakland, so there will be plenty of other things happening in the area on the same night.

where: just west of grand and broadway, downtown oakland.
it’s a quick four blocks up broadway from the 19th st BART stop.

when: 7:30 – 10pm, afterparty at Luka’s

what: here’s a (low-res) sneak preview…

other artists showing tentatively include:
Lincoln Else – Learning to Fly
Colin Blackshear – Yosemite
Daniel Conrad – Afternoon of the Chimeras
Miguel Arzabe – John Muir TXT Msgs
Project Bandaloop – Montana