FLARManager v1.0.1 – Augmented Reality with Flash

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Minor update to FLARManager v1.0. Imagination has requested that I not distribute their libraries, so I’ve removed them from the FLARManager distro. This will make it easier for us to ensure both FLARManager and the flare* products are as up-to-date as possible, as well as smoothing out some other potential distribution issues.

However, this means that getting flare*tracker and flare*NFT projects running requires a bit more work. As such, I’ve reverted the examples and tutorials to use FLARToolkit, which I can distribute along with FLARManager, and also created this page to describe, in-depth, how to implement the various tracking engines that FLARManager supports.

Please take a moment to download the latest version of FLARManager and the current evaluation SDKs for flare*tracker and flare*NFT to ensure you’re up-to-date. And feel free to pester me with questions (as comments, below) about setting up your projects — I need your help to get the documentation as clear as possible.

FITC Toronto 2010 – Slides

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i used google chrome to display my slides, as my presentation was mainly either websites or flash builder / local demos. here’s a list of the slides, with URLs:

FLARManager v0.61 (augmented reality in Flash)

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v0.5 introduced some issues with automatic camera selection (in FLARCameraSource) that went fairly unnoticed until v0.6. this primarily affected users with USB cameras on Windows, as well as a couple of other edge cases.

v0.61 corrects those issues, thanks to some help from jim alliban. download it here:

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