elastotron, evolved

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elastotron, evolved

i’m showing a new version of elastotron at pecha kucha tonight, and then all summer as part of the exploratorium’s “reflections” show, from 19 june through 20 september.

we’re having a small opening friday night from 5:30-8:30pm. let me know if you want to come by, as the doors are not open to the public.

see you there!

ps, here’s the full description:

We’d like to invite you to spend some time at a new exhibition: Reflections, opening in the Seeing area one week from today. This special summer collection combines new and reimagined exhibits, art installations, and programs and special events. But more than a simple celebration of mirrors, Reflections was designed to present a range of perspectives on that most familiar and yet most provocative of images: our own visages—abstracted, distorted, fragmented, and multiplied. In addition to highlighting the science of bouncing beams of light, Reflections is about identity, expectation, technology, and our complex relationship with ourselves.

Reflections includes new takes on classic Exploratorium exhibits, but the project team has also created several unique and powerful experiences especially for this exhibition. In addition, the Seeing Gallery will house a set of intriguing interactive works from visiting artist Daniel Rozin. These experiences will be complemented by a series of programs and events exploring mirrors, optics, and the ephemeral nature of light. To learn more about the exhibition, visit www.exploratorium.edu/reflections.

san flashcisco 09.04.16

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notes from my talk, “computer vision with flash”, at the San Flashcisco user group meeting.

no slides, as this presentation is mainly demo- and code- focused, but plenty of links and text.

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FLARManager v0.3 (for FLARToolkit)

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been getting started on a new FLARToolkit app, and i’ve been finding myself needing more tools…hence the rapid-fire releases the last couple days.

to make things simpler to update in the future, i moved FLARManager onto svn, and created a separate page for it. you can find all the details, and the source, here:


major changes in v0.3 include:

packaged things up proper. was getting to be a respectable pile of classes, so i tidied things up a bit.

added FLARProxy.as. FLARProxy provides a way to test FLARToolkit applications with a mouse and keyboard, instead of using FLARCameraSource or FLARLoaderSource.

FLARManager v0.2 (for FLARToolkit)

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finally found some time to brush up recent changes to FLARManager. new bits include:

Flash Player 10 3D example now works! sorta. translation is off a bit in some areas of the screen (not sure why…?) but converting a FLARToolkit matrix to a FP10 3D matrix seems to be working properly.

camera output mirroring can be toggled in FLARCameraSource; set to true by default. this flips the camera image horizontally so that it appears like a mirror to the user.

FLARCameraSource now supports non-4:3 aspect ratios.

a few minor bug fixes (including one that caused REMOVED events to not fire properly), and a few other code cleanups.

download here:

FLARManager v0.2

Creative Commons License
FLARManager by Eric Socolofsky is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License; please provide attribution to the author in any projects using this source.

read this post for general info on FLARManager.

elastotron @ great wall of oakland: friday, april 3rd

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elastotron portraits

elastotron will be shown LARGE at the Great Wall Of Oakland on friday, april 3rd, 2009.
please stop by, and join me after at Luka’s Taproom!

the Great Wall is an accompaniment to the monthly Art Murmur in oakland, so there will be plenty of other things happening in the area on the same night.

where: just west of grand and broadway, downtown oakland.
it’s a quick four blocks up broadway from the 19th st BART stop.

when: 7:30 – 10pm, afterparty at Luka’s

what: here’s a (low-res) sneak preview…

other artists showing tentatively include:
Lincoln Else – Learning to Fly
Colin Blackshear – Yosemite
Daniel Conrad – Afternoon of the Chimeras
Miguel Arzabe – John Muir TXT Msgs
Project Bandaloop – Montana

object references in event handlers prevent GC

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a bug in flash player 9 i came across today while trying to get a swf to unload completely:


if you have a reference to Keyboard or Capabilities (or, probably, a number of other native Classes as well) in an event handler, it will loiter as a pair of Class and Object references when the enclosing swf is unloaded via Loader.unload().
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FLARManager v0.1 for FP9

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the people want a Flash Player 9 version.
here it is:

FLARManager v0.1, FP9

Creative Commons License
FLARManager by Eric Socolofsky is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

i commented out all the Vector references and replaced with Arrays. since you can see the Vector stuff, commented out, you can take this opportunity to see what lies in store for you with FP10 — typed arrays, goodie!

i also changed the project to target FP9, so you should be good to go with a File>Import>Flex Project.

also removed the FP10 3D example (it wasn’t working yet anyway. but will be soon…)

FLARToolkit forum

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saqoosha just started a FLARToolkit forum on google groups:


hopefully a better place to discuss problems and successes than in the long comment threads on mikko’s and saqoosha’s blogs…

FLARManager v0.1

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macaroons and cubes, yum.

macaroons and cubes, yum.

i’ve been getting my hands into fiducial tracking at work over the last few months, and successfully implemented reacTIVision for an exhibit. amazing software, easy to use right out of the box, and very fast and accurate. (thanks martin & co!)

when i came across the GE augmented reality thingy, i realized that that kind of experience can finally happen online. i took a look at FLARToolkit, and was simultaneously excited and stymied — so much potential, but tricky to use and understand.

i came across Mikko Haapoja’s excellent starter tutorial and got a much better understanding of the system. after a bit more digging, i decided to try to make FLARToolkit as accessible as reacTIVision.

a couple weeks later, i finally have a small framework put together that makes steps in this direction. behold, FLARManager v0.1.

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