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Press for the new Exploratorium

Posted in to see on April 28th, 2013 by ericsoco – Be the first to comment

Wow, been a while since I posted. I guess I’ve been busy, opening a new museum!
Proof lies in these articles (just a few among many in the press onslaught accompanying our reopening), which highlight much of the work I’ve done in the past couple of years:

New York Times: In New Home, Exploratorium Widens Its Interactive Appeal
San Francisco Magazine: The Wonder Piers
Fast Company: The $300 Million Dollar Science Museum of the Future
Nature: A science giant moves house 10 must-see at San Francisco’s new Exploratorium

The majority of my recent work has been for the Exploratorium’s Bay Area Observatory, a space in a two-story glass box at the end of Piers 15/17 with a stunning view of both the city and the Bay. We’re encouraging visitors to be more careful, conscientious observers of the built and natural landscape around us, with a series of exhibits that take advantage of and augment the beautiful views.

My work as exhibit designer/developer (formally, as Senior New Media Exhibit Developer) brought forth five new exhibits:

Visualizing the Bay: a topographical model of the Bay Area onto which is projected a number of different visualizations representing physical and social phenomena in the Bay Area, including fog, earthquakes, census data, and salinity;
Tidal Ribbon: a laser-cut sculpture depicting a year of tidal data from the NOAA station at Crissy Field;
Ship Tracker: a screen-based interactive showing tracks of ships as they move through the Bay, based on publicly-available AIS data;
Picturing Place: a screen-based interactive allowing semantic (tag-based) search of photos taken in the area, collected from Flickr and Instagram;
Drawing the Bay: a drawing exercise that challenges visitors to draw the Bay from memory, highlighting various biases and idiosyncrasies in their perceptions of the area.

I also led the interaction design for Plankton Populations in the East Gallery, a large table on which is displayed a map of the world’s oceans, and wood+glass lenses through which visitors can examine the different kinds of microscopic life living within.

Documentation of all these works is forthcoming. Stay tuned!


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Recently, I’ve had a couple of opportunities to share with the public the exhibit development process at the Exploratorium, with a focus on iteration and evaluation (aka user testing).

The first: an article I wrote called ‘Iterating for Visitors’ on

The second: I’m speaking on the same topic, with a slightly different perspective, to an IxDA SF gathering this Wednesday, October 24.

In case you ever wondered how our exhibits come to be…