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Alternativa3D version 7 support, ARToolworks forum

Posted in to do on December 28th, 2010 by ericsoco – Be the first to comment

Quick updates on code and on support:

Thanks to Makc, FLARManager now supports the latest (free) version of Alternativa3D. As of the time of writing, this means Alternativa3D version 7.6.0. The latest source in my SVN /trunk can be checked out as described here.

Also, I mentioned to ARToolworks that it’s not ideal for FLARManager users to have to wade through comments on previous posts to get support, and they offered to set up a forum specifically for FLARManager. I’m going to start forwarding questions posted on this site to the ARToolworks/FLARManager forum from now on. You can find the new forum here.

Of course, the FLARToolkit forum still exists as well, and I’ll keep my eye on both. Where should you post? Well, if your question is FLARManager-specific, better to post on the ARToolworks forum, as their staff will be helping me answer questions. If your question is more about FLARToolkit, stick with the FLARToolkit forum. Either way, your questions will be heard.

FLARToolkit forum

Posted in to do on March 11th, 2009 by ericsoco – 1 Comment

saqoosha just started a FLARToolkit forum on google groups:

hopefully a better place to discuss problems and successes than in the long comment threads on mikko’s and saqoosha’s blogs…