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Strobe player for Shadowbox.js

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Shadowbox is lovely — easy to use, well-written and fairly well-documented, and has a nice player architecture for supporting media types other than those packaged with the library.

There isn’t great support out-of-the-box for FLV content, just the JW FLV Player, and for various reasons, I’m not really a fan.  I wanted something simpler and cleaner, and I found out about the Adobe Strobe media player. (Download it from sourceforge here.)

To be honest, I wrote this a while back and have been quite busy since, and I don’t remember exactly why I found Strobe to be such a better option.  But for those who agree with that sentiment, feel free to drop in the Strobe player for Shadowbox I whipped up, just for you.  It plays FLVs, Quicktime .mov files, and all other media formats supported by Flash.  And, it falls back to the HTML5 video player when Flash is not available.

To use it, add strobe.js to your Shadowbox source/players folder, edit the players array in build.yml to include ‘strobe’ (no quotes), and rake it back together as shown here.

Sputnik Observatory

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Jonathan Harris, creator of We Feel Fine and the lovely I Want You To Want Me (shown in MoMA’s Design and the Elastic Mind show last year) sent out an invitation today to his latest piece, the Sputnik Observatory for the Study of Contemporary Culture.

The Sputnik Observatory collects video interviews of many leading thinkers on a broad range of topics, and enables viewers to follow a stream-of-consciouness path through the themes that link the conversations together.
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elastotron, evolved

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elastotron, evolved

i’m showing a new version of elastotron at pecha kucha tonight, and then all summer as part of the exploratorium’s “reflections” show, from 19 june through 20 september.

we’re having a small opening friday night from 5:30-8:30pm. let me know if you want to come by, as the doors are not open to the public.

see you there!

ps, here’s the full description:

We’d like to invite you to spend some time at a new exhibition: Reflections, opening in the Seeing area one week from today. This special summer collection combines new and reimagined exhibits, art installations, and programs and special events. But more than a simple celebration of mirrors, Reflections was designed to present a range of perspectives on that most familiar and yet most provocative of images: our own visages—abstracted, distorted, fragmented, and multiplied. In addition to highlighting the science of bouncing beams of light, Reflections is about identity, expectation, technology, and our complex relationship with ourselves.

Reflections includes new takes on classic Exploratorium exhibits, but the project team has also created several unique and powerful experiences especially for this exhibition. In addition, the Seeing Gallery will house a set of intriguing interactive works from visiting artist Daniel Rozin. These experiences will be complemented by a series of programs and events exploring mirrors, optics, and the ephemeral nature of light. To learn more about the exhibition, visit

elastotron @ great wall of oakland: friday, april 3rd

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elastotron portraits

elastotron will be shown LARGE at the Great Wall Of Oakland on friday, april 3rd, 2009.
please stop by, and join me after at Luka’s Taproom!

the Great Wall is an accompaniment to the monthly Art Murmur in oakland, so there will be plenty of other things happening in the area on the same night.

where: just west of grand and broadway, downtown oakland.
it’s a quick four blocks up broadway from the 19th st BART stop.

when: 7:30 – 10pm, afterparty at Luka’s

what: here’s a (low-res) sneak preview…

other artists showing tentatively include:
Lincoln Else – Learning to Fly
Colin Blackshear – Yosemite
Daniel Conrad – Afternoon of the Chimeras
Miguel Arzabe – John Muir TXT Msgs
Project Bandaloop – Montana